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Our extensive range of services will making your stay as memorable as possible:


  • 10 berths ranging 80-150m

  • Short and long term berth lease / license options

  • Tax and duty-free fuel

  • Onsite customs and immigration

  • Outside of EU tax and import regulations

  • Single and 3-phase electricity





Marina Bizerte is dedicated to making your stay as easy as possible. The Yacht Assist team is available to help with any task using their extensive network of local and international providers. From customs clearance to provisioning, car rental to local accommodation, the multilingual team is always on hand to help.





With a dedicated fuel dock Marina Bizerte offers tax and duty-free fuel at a cost approximately 45% of retail diesel prices to both private and commercial vessels.


  • No minimum limit or registration restrictions

  • Dedicated fuel dock (110m, 5m draft)

  • Year-round service

  • No additional fees



  • Local repair and maintenance facilities

  • 24-hour security

  • Refuse / grey and black water disposal 

  • Wifi 

  • Yacht Club 

  • Sports Club 

  • Promenade – shopping and entertainment

  • Onsite customs – clear in/out whilst refueling

  • Fuel quality monitored

  • Duty free fuel 

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