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Marina Bizerte is a year-round facility that offers crew a weekly calendar of both indoor and outdoor activities, events and excursions with which to fill their downtime. From sea and mountain adventures in the summer, winter days on the desert and a vibrant nightlife year-round, there is something for all tastes no matter what the season.


Additional activities around the marina: 


  • Crew bars : regular themed parties and livecast sports, the hub of all crew activity in the port

  • Yacht Club : host of regattas and social events

  • Sports Club : gym, fitness classes, tennis, squash, salsa, billiards and tournaments …

  • Promenade : cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, delicatessens and supermarkets

  • Outdoor Sports : sailing, kitesurfing, wake boarding, scuba diving, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, off-road motor biking …


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