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GPS position – 37˚16,52’’N  09˚52’51,25’’E


Marina Bizerte dock staff is available 24/7 and MUST be contacted before arrival and prior to departure. Upon arrival, please provide the following information:

  • Vessel name

  • Vessel length

  • Berth code (if known)

  • Last port of call (if arriving from a foreign port, see customs and immigration section)




The entrance to the marina is marked with red and green lights at night – the green light on the head of N breakwater while the red light is on the head of Jetty 4. Keep clear of Jetty 4 (outer side) due to shallow waters (marked with orange buoys)




Pilotage is compulsory for all boats of over 1000 GRT (gross register tonnes). The Pilot may be organised through our Yacht Assist team and the Pilot boarding station is on the entrance of the bay (for arrivals).




The assistance of a small dinghy boat may also be requested. The dock crew will be standing by for arrival and departure.




Anchoring is not allowed within the marina except on A Dock.




The marina has its own certified diver. Diving by any other unauthorised persons is prohibited.




The mooring system for boats at Marina Bizerte is “Med” or “stern to”. For yachts on all jetties, with the exception of Jetty 1, the mooring system consists of two bow mooring lines (ground lines). Please be sure to contact the marina on to ensure the marina staff will be at your berth on arrival to assist with line handling.

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